Dating someone with tattoos

No man should ever wax his eyebrows unless he was born with a uni-brow. LittyKat KimmyWhimmy Your generation is going to have even more tattoos than the last one. If you get any tattoos yourself, make sure you will love it forever, consider that you might be a mother or grandma one day too. Make sure they are unique. Damn littykat, get 18, so i can say you are fine without feeling guilty about it. If it isn't ridiculous, sure. I don't mind the picture you posted but if it was epic fail material, then hell no.

Why do people care that much?

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Maybe they had something going on at a time and they got a tattoo of that - like a healing process. Maybe they just liked how it looked. Tattoos or no tattoos people can be shitty and awful beings. And the guy in the picture looks really good with those. So what if the guy is good looking, he ruined his face by writing on it, permanently. People are allowed to have their preferences and opinions and face tattoos are by no stretch of the imagination popular at all. Most people are afraid of standing out.

They just want to conform and fit in. Anyone who puts a tattoo on their face chooses to stand out. Those who want to conform and fit in won't date someone who stands out. In my opinion, if you stand out anyways and have had that effect most of your life. Getting a face tattoo wouldn't really change much. GracefulCharm Lol so let me use your own reasoning. There's nothing wrong with someone standing out, if it's for better reasons. Conformity is being the average and the average person is not that successful so don't argue that changing your physical is the only form of non-conformity that exists.

ManaX Tattoos are about visual appearances. What you are talking about is recognition. If you placed famous people and a unknown person with a face tattoo all together in a room. The person with the face tattoo would stand out if no one else had one. Branding your face is extremely serious decision. I wouldn't Outlaw it all together but I would sure as hell ask the individual why they chise what they chose and what it means to them It comes down to whether you decide to judge what's on the surface or what's underneath it.

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I would have to say I would be extremely hesitant to date someone with face tattoos but I wouldn't deny them any kind of opportunities. I don't get this whole thing with tattoos and piercings. How looking like a building covered in graffitti is supposed to be sexy is beyond me. As to the piercings, every time I see them I don't think, "That's hot. That must really hurt!! I wouldn't personally, but I do see some people pull it off nicely.

A tattoo used to be a fast track to under-employment if not in music or creative fields but I do think that's changed. And I mean below the elbow on the arms. Not even talking about the face.

It's juvenile and ruins their prospects for a good job. It also shows their lack of good judgement. Tattoos are fine, as long as they are in an appropriate area and don't convey the wrong message. I have a tattoo of my own and am planning to get more but I feel the location and type of tattoo says a lot about the person. I just can't see a person that's willing to get one on their face as a person with a personality I'd vibe well with.

I may be wrong, but I believe it shows a gross lack in discretion to get a face tattoo. TheAmazingDoggo Tattoos are about personal expression. Too much personal expression and people will feel intimidated by you and judge you negatively before they get to know you. Jealously is a reality and people love to act on their jealousy to put others down all the time. The OP and those who thumbed up his message are perfect examples of this.

I said he was attractive regardless. Maybe I'd date someone with like 1 or 2 face tattoos but I'm kinda against face tattoos for myself because I'm going to be covered from my neck to my waste and then for my knees to my ankles.

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I mean unless this guy is like Chris brown or something sure but otherwise no. I mean blessed above his eyebrow Most of the time I find it unattractive but every now and then it's okay. I don't care if she has a tattoo in her face. Chances of them ever getting a job worth having are slim to none and they look ridiculous anyway.

Love me a gal with tattoos. Face tats, it depends. Technically, I can put some tear drops on, but I have this rule nothing neck up, wrists down. Charlie Manson started this with his forehead swastika. Let me just say it was of no benefit to him at his many parole hearings. I have a hard time getting past a girl having a tattoo anywhere I would not just doesn't apeal to me. Nothing against the person.. People do certain things for certain reasons. Individuals on the other hand can provide exceptions to those rules, but let's be real, why do people usually get face tattoos?

Personally, I don't have time for attention seekers or people that want other people to think they're "hardcore" in such ways. Like I've already stated I'm sure certain individuals do have nothing but a butterfly or two smurfs having gay sex on their face exceptions to my rule of thumb , but generally speaking I have big enough issues with small inconspicuous tattoos.

I prefer no tatoos at all, but some small and decent wouldn't be too bad, just please not right in the face. I might have a hookup with them Safe sex But never relationship. They are tools created by themselves to be used and thrown away sexually.

Things Not To Say To Someone With Tattoos

Tattoos on the body, sure. As long as it's not a full body tattoo Face tattoos do not appeal to me. True sign of an idiot! Unless you are a millionaire who doesn't need a job. But I still wouldn't want an idiot woman with a face tattoo. I mean sure but that guy seems like the exact version of a guy that you shouldn't date. I don't know anything about this person besides what I can see. If I talked with him and he seems like a good person he has my full blessing. Honestly my biggest problem is with the "Blessed" tattoo as I only know it as a meme and putting a meme in tattoo form is stupid.

As an art form or for immortalization of something special to you is acceptable but just for fun unless it's your first is not acceptable to me. I have tattoos but I can hide them if I need to. Noora1 I think she meant "Samoan" which is, in fact, a culture that has facial tattooing. I just think of this! A small survey conducted by therapist John D. In fact, OkCupid co-founder Christian Rudder analyzed what makes people appear attractive on the dating site and found that women garner interest by playing up what makes them unique. Tattooed women "show off what makes them different, and who cares if some people don't like it.

This level of confidence and self-awareness might translate to a more liberal attitude towards sex. While the study confirmed that tattoos weren't associated with risky sexual behaviors, the study suggests tattooed people are open sexually and might sooner act on those desires. Tattoos inevitably send all sorts of messages out to the world. Whereas historically tattoos were used to mark ourselves as part of a tribe or community, their messages are now more personal.

People visit places and make them parts of themselves, so that they will forever bear marks of their unique visit. He added , "Our identities are far more particular, linked to our interests, affinities to cultural or spiritual traditions, tastes in music, and subcultural allegiances. The tattoo has become a vehicle for that sort of particular identification.

Would you date someone with face tattoos?

Using a visible mode of expression contributes to the perception of tattooed people as being more open and unguarded. For some, a tattoo can indicate a generosity of spirit. Ryan sees tattooed people as ready to share more stories and share their own "cultural beliefs. Since tattoos are almost always symbolic of something else, they can also indicate depth. In a way, it's a commitment to standing for something for the rest of your life," explains Susan, 26, who tends to date tattooed guys. Related stories by this author.

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