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Just wanted to know the opinion of some other guys here and their view on bro code. Buddy wants to date ex girlfriend of 2 years who I dumped 2 years ago Bro code? If you aren't still in love with her then fair game. Best of luck to your friend.

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Always thought if they dumped me, bro code applies i. If I dumped them, then I really don't care if my friends persue. I personally could never go after a friends ex, I would picture my buddy banging her and it would turn me off completely. Originally Posted by wowzers So I dated a girl for about 2 years a couple years ago. They say a wise man knows nothing, so I know a lot less But I been where you at homie, put to the test The answer lies deep within, so open your chest And find God within yourself and he'll show you the rest.

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Originally Posted by hqa. Bro code is fine. He asked you before he did anything.

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Though some rules of Bro Code apply to most bro groups, your guy friends may have other specific rules. Maybe the guys all have dinner together every Friday night or have bros-only video-game sessions. Remember that each groups of bros is different, even if they all have some pretty basic, similar rules.

The idea that friendship takes precedence over potential hook-ups or relationships invades almost every group of guy friends.

Does Bro Code Mean a Guy Won’t Date Me If His Friend Already Has? Ask a Pro

Bros adhering to Bro Code will not immediately place a relationship or the prospect of a relationship over their friends, so get ready for a guy to be unavailable on certain nights. While sometimes Bro Code can vary from group to group, Shawn said that the rule about ex-girlfriends applies pretty widely. What does this mean for you?

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Do you think that his friend could like you? If a guy at a party is interested in you, his friends will probably not approach you to give their friend a chance.

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True bros will be good wingmen and will help a bro talk to a girl he might not otherwise talk to.