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And believe you me, they are nasty. Aki I swear- if I cheat I hate God My lady friend who went to Tujuane for their free food is still happily engaged to her boyfriend.

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Everyone in campus knows her soul mate- the one she met ages before Tujuane was even an idea. Without the show, she met a guy she loved, but on camera, she was forced to endure a schmuck. And who doesnt love free food? You just dont say no to a free 5-star hotel meal. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Is Tujuane a reality TV or a scripted show?

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Kisumo pacho The last men standing Lillyanne wa Pau. Fiction Stories Quickie Short Stories. Featured 15th January 2. Featured 8th January 6. Featured 12th June 0. Featured 6th February 2. George was excited and hoping for the best but by the end of it all, his hopes had been torn to pieces.

Tujuane Isn’t For Real

Susan shredded everything about him beginning with his wanting to order fries for her. According to her, fries are for poor people. Throughout the date, she put him down, showing he was of a lower level than her. She picked at his language, his choice of music, and his hobbies. It was all centered on her and the fantastic high life she lives.

Within minutes of the show airing, people on twitter were in uproar. People started the hunt to find her handle; words were aimed at her though it was all low key. A few days later, it all came back again, and blew out of proportion. Everything about the date was analyzed and opinions given. Memes making fun of Susan and her actions were posted and shared widely.

Her choice of not wanting fries was made fun of as she ate her meal. Mirfat took it all for a while before finally speaking up. She said the show was scripted and not everything we saw was real.


Some people believed it others insulted her more. Her coming out and speaking about scripting of the show brought to the limelight something that has been discussed since the show started: There have been claims some are already in relationships and they get paid to appear in it. Scripted or not, the show has raised one serious issue in the dating game: For the longest time there has been class levels in society. Once in a while people of different classes get together and it all goes well. Other times, it is a complete disaster.

The show has focused on the feeling people from Eastlands the ghetto cannot get along with the people deemed to be from the upper class. West theme to it.

The show has centered so much on this that it has become a predictable trait. It seems to be centered on this with people trying to change each other. This has raised a lot of debate on social media about it. The whole East vs. West issue makes for good TV since it portrays reality on the ground. This has however been overplayed.

Brought in something new that makes first dates awkward and terrible. Tujuane has focused on a specific age group: