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Pyreaus View Profile View Posts. Is there any way specifically to host a game of this? I can't find any options to specifically host or anything though. Do I have to get more people in the camp or is multiplayer just that obnoxious if you dont have people to invite? Showing 1 - 3 of 3 comments. We're working on improving matchmaking. Should be in a later update. For now, you will have to host an invite or friend only game and send out invites. The online is something that has gotten significantly worse as the game has progressed.

Now it seems entirely random and when you do get in, as you say, the balance is way off. So, will Mercenary Kings be a crowning achievement, or will it be laughed out of the court? The story centers around a group of mercenaries called the KINGS who are helping a resistance overthrow the evil KLAW corporation, which notoriously performs research on biological weapons and machines that have a knack for killing things like people. If this plot sounds familiar, then you might remember it from the Big Book of Cliched Plots.

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Mercenary Kings attempts to satirize general tropes of action games with cutscenes that look like a pixelated version of the codec from Metal Gear Solid. The game has some good humor, but like the robot dog with butt cannons that happens to be controlled by a dog, it never really sticks around. Also, while the game does have some hits, it also has many more misses due to the lack of potential without the inclusion of voice acting. The level design in Mercenary Kings is also clearly lacking. While the colors are bright and nice, the same levels appear so often that it started to wear down on me.

Placing me in a different section of the same map is not the same as an entirely new level.

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This, coupled with similar mission objectives like gathering resources or exterminating enemies, fails to add variety and makes the game just blend together instead of standing out. The pixelated art style, however, is actually really nice.

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The sprites are delightful, especially in the cutscenes. The color palette has a wide range, from forest green to industrial grey to blood red.

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Bright colors make everything great to look at. Even the enemies have a nice variety of colors, from the flashy robots to the soldiers and even spiky snails. The death animations are also amazing, be it exploding bodies or exploding heads. The game is uber-violent, which is the way it is supposed to be. The soundtrack from Mercenary Kings does a good job providing a fitting feel for the game, but none of the songs are memorable. As I explained before, the lack of voice acting in the game is missed mostly because it would make the jokes and the characters stick.

Without it, the characters are simply services with little personality. The only character with a voice is the player character, of which there are only two options. The gameplay, on the other hand, is a mixed bag. The game provides infinite ammo in a customizable gun. The reload mechanic mimics Gears of War , where pressing the button grants ammo that packs an extra punch. A gathering system exists where enemies drop materials in the game, which are used, along with money, to build new items.

The material gathering is great, except that it uses both materials and money, which is simply obnoxious. However, your gun will be your primary weapon. Mods also exist in the game, and they work just as the gun parts do. They offer mods that allow you to see enemy stats, run faster, gather increasingly rare materials, and more.

Mercenary Kings

The ability to only carry two modifications at a time, though, puts a damper on the fun. Similarly, since the backpack can only carry two materials, the game seems to want to add variety while limiting players from exercising it. These controls are both sticky and hard to figure out.

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The button mapping seems to replicate an arcade-style experience, but some of the better ideas are not used. While I applaud the game for using the touchpad in a good way, I am still confused why having to hold down R1 to bring up my backpack in necessary. Another problem with the controls is how stiff they are. In a game where a timer is even included into each mission, you have to be fluid and quick.